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Love my appointments with Dr. Cornforth! She makes my appointments easy breezy!

MEGAN N. | Oct 02, 2023
Great Doctor took her time to listen to me and she explained everything and what’s we were going to take

CHRISTY S. | Sep 30, 2023
I felt comfortable and confident during my encounter with Dr Cornforth.

SUZANNE A. | Sep 29, 2023
Dr. Cornforth was very easy to talk to. She's supportive and helpful.

DAWN H. | Sep 29, 2023
I love the doctors, the staff, and the facility itself is so nice! I’ve recommended the practice to everyone I know. I’ve never felt rushed to get in and out, everyone is so patient and Dr. Cornforth takes the time to listen to your concerns & explains everything. I am grateful I found the practice because I don’t plan on going anywhere else! You guys are great!

MARY F. | Sep 28, 2023
Love Dr Crnforth

FARIDEH A. | Sep 26, 2023
Excellent job always her, and her staff

LAKECHA D. | Sep 25, 2023
Very thorough.

RYANN L. | Sep 21, 2023
Great experience with Dr. Cornforth, she is professional, informative, & compassionate. The rest of the staff was very friendly as well.

ERIKA V. | Sep 19, 2023
Love the care from this office and staff ! The Dr’s are the greatest

MELINDA A. | Sep 19, 2023
Friendly atmosphere. Professional and the Dr. Is Great, kind and understanding.

LINDA B. | Sep 16, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is always great. She takes the time to listen and answer all my questions.

BRITTNEY I. | Sep 15, 2023
The entire office is always super friendly and helpful for any questions I may have. :)

TRISTAN B. | Sep 06, 2023
Very friendly staff and doctors. Clean environment.

TANISHA C. | Sep 06, 2023
I love Dr. Cornforth! She really saved me when I learned my migraine headaches were related to fluctuating hormone levels. She’s so kind and the staff she surrounds herself with are as well. I moved out of San Antonio but will happily commute rather than leave her care!

LESLEE F. | Sep 01, 2023
Great experience with Dr. Cornforth! She took the time to really listen to me and offer potential solutions or help to some of the issues I have been dealing with. I highly recommend Dr. Cornforth.

ANGELA P. | Aug 31, 2023
I went in for cramping and prolonged bleeding, this is the first office that realized this was an issue and saw me immediately. When they realized I need surgery, they did a good job at keeping me calm, but immediately got me seen and taken care of and I'm so grateful for all of them.

ISIS C. | Aug 30, 2023
Highly efficient staff and friendly. Dr. Cornforth is wonderful and clearly explains things. She is one of the best gynecologists I’ve seen.

PAULE D. | Aug 26, 2023
Doctor was personable. She made the experience comfortable and quick. Cared about what was going on in the rest of my life.

JAYMIE W. | Aug 23, 2023
Helpful and informative

DONNA W. | Aug 17, 2023
Staff were helpful and compassionate, didn’t have to wait long to be seen. Happy to find Dr Cornforth and her caring team.

TRACY H. | Aug 15, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is AWESOME. She takes the time and listen to her patients and don't rush her time with them.

ANTOINETTE H. | Aug 14, 2023
Everyone was super friendly and helpful!

SARAH H. | Aug 11, 2023
Friendly courteous staff. Kind caring physician who answers my questions and dies not rush thru the appointment

LUCY M. | Aug 10, 2023
I felt very comfortable being there today. It was an unexpected appointment and Dr Cornforth was good and got me in as soon as she could (same day)

KATHY F. | Aug 05, 2023
Love how well she understands me

VERONICA B. | Aug 04, 2023
First time seeing Dr. Cornforth, was a bit turned off with the wait time, however found the doctor to be very knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions.

JODELNY A. | Aug 03, 2023
Very helpful and understanding.

TRACY R. | Aug 02, 2023
Dr Kornforth is great. Wonderful receptionist. Nurse ok. No update even though running 1 hr 20 min behind.

GABRIELA B. | Jul 25, 2023
I love that Dr. Cornforth takes her time with me. I never feel rushed. She's compassionate, gentle and knowledgeable. The office staff is friendly and efficient. The entire practice is clean and peaceful. Great experience all around.

RACHEL L. | Jul 24, 2023
Dr.Cornforth treats you with respect and understanding. She is so smart and wonderful. The office is fast. Everyone is perfect.

LINDSEY W. | Jul 22, 2023
I love Dr Cornforth. She delivered my two daughters and I would would not trust anyone else for my gyno needs. She is caring and patient. This was my first experience at her own practice and it was GREAT!

KRISTIE A. | Jul 20, 2023
The whole office absolutely wonderful!! So nice, kind and patient

KELLY A. | Jul 18, 2023

PATRICIA C. | Jul 17, 2023

CATHERINE P. | Jul 13, 2023
The doctor was very positive and helpful .

DONNA W. | Jul 11, 2023
I have been a patient for more than 8 years and have always had excellent customer service. Dr. Cornforth’s bedside manner also shows that she really cares about her profession and her patients. The customer service from office staff and an excellent caring doctor are what keep me from going anywhere else.

TINA C. | Jul 11, 2023
Awesome staff and professional

YESENIA E. | Jul 09, 2023
Awesome staff and service

YESENIA E. | Jul 08, 2023
The office staff and Dr are so kind and knowledgeable. I am at ease going to my visits.

MONICA A. | Jul 08, 2023
Staff is always so welcoming and friendly. Dr. Cornforth is just like a family friend. She’s a great listener- very smart and has bedside manners that are rare to come by nowadays. She really cares about her patients and does everything in her power to help them in their time of need. Thank you for being my doctor.

DOLORES W. | Jun 30, 2023
She was so nice and attentive. Office is real nice as well

JOCELYNN M. | Jun 29, 2023
Loved the staff and doctor! Dr Cornforth is through and easy to talk to. I immediately told the office to request my records. She will be my permanent doctor. She’s absolutely the best!

JOANN A. | Jun 29, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is very compassionate, and caring to her patients. 100% recommend.

ELISA M. | Jun 28, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is the best!

CLAUDIA V. | Jun 25, 2023
I love going to see the doctor she always make sure she listens and makes you feel heard

CASEY B. | Jun 24, 2023
Friendly and professional staff and the doctor was wonderful!

MARY H. | Jun 22, 2023
Dr. Cornforth and staff are amazing!! Everyone is always very helpful and kind. I would give this place 1,000,000+ stars if I could but I’m only allowed 5…

JULISSA A. | Jun 21, 2023
My daughter and I are both new patients and we both LOVE Dr. Cornforth!

KACEY A. | Jun 16, 2023
I had a concern and Dr. Cornforth dealt with it in a way that you would want a doctor to. She gave me information and then a referral to see a specialist. I liked her.

CAROL G. | Jun 16, 2023
Awesome staff and could not ask for a better doctor.

FONDA B. | Jun 16, 2023
Only 2 stars pristine was nice giving me and appt... But when it came down to my sitter not showing up they tell me that I can bring my 2 kids with me. Do they not know it's hard to see Dr when you have kids the no children policy is ridiculous. They seemed nice but come on in reality moms most of the time don't have sitters we too need to see the Drs too.

DENISE H. | Jun 16, 2023
Very fast visit and staff is so nice!

ANDREA A. | Jun 15, 2023
Dr Cornforth is an excellent doctor.

MARIA S. | Jun 15, 2023
Friendly and welcome staff! Dr. Cornforth is so warm and easy to talk to.

LAUREN S. | Jun 14, 2023
Dr. Cornforth was very friendly. She listened to my concerns and took them seriously. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was very woman friendly.

ELIZABETH E. | Jun 13, 2023
Dr was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. She made me feel at ease. She seemed to be in a rush, but I was late so that's probably on me lol

ANELISA H. | Jun 08, 2023
I love Dr. Cornforth. Always aware of latest advancements and supports my needs with her expertise.

MONICA C. | Jun 07, 2023
Always a good experience. Everyone in the office is welcoming and kind. Doctor Cornforth will address any issues / concerns you may have.

WRINNIE L. | Jun 07, 2023
Amazing doctor and staff. Would highly recommend.

HEATHER D. | Jun 06, 2023
Always a great experience!

SHAUNA G. | Jun 05, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is always professional and actually listens. She answers and explains all my questions and I never feel like she’s rushing to see the next patient. Her staff is the best and are always so nice.

MELISSA P. | Jun 05, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is a great GYN! She listens to your concerns and health issues. She is compassionate and always willing to give options for the best course of treatment. Love her!

SHANNON P. | Jun 05, 2023
I felt very at ease. I was a little stressed out but the kindness and professionalism of the office was so great. Thank you for a good experience.

MONICA A. | Jun 02, 2023
Dr Cornforth is a great doctor!!

SYLVIA ANN R. | Jun 01, 2023
I am so thankful that I was given Dr. Cornforth’s name and number. She is so compassionate, takes the time to listen and explain any concerns. I have had problems for years and everyone wanted to throw meds at it or get me off everything. Dr. Cornforth ordered ultrasound and determined a much bigger issue and will be finally having a solution to this ordeal. Thank you for a wonderful staff and experience overall.

LESHA C. | Jun 01, 2023
Very friendly and patience.

ROSALINDA R. | May 31, 2023
Staff was pleasant…easy to get paperwork done via computer so that I didn’t have to fill out paperwork once I arrived at appointment. Efficient, effective listening and documenting by the wonderful MA, I felt like all my questions were answered because De. Cornforth genuinely cares about her time spent with patient. Very thourough in keeping me informed of all actions taking place during exam.

ANN T. | May 29, 2023
I really like Dr. Cornforth and that’s why I’m leaving a 5 star. She delivered my baby and I have a warm spot for her in my heart. She really is amazing! My entire visit was 50 min and the doctor saw me for less than 10 minutes. Had my pants and undies off for 40 min waiting for someone to come in. I was annoyed but held it together. When I initially walked in the front desk person is straight faced. Not very pleasant or maybe she was having an odd day. She requested payment and I had to remind her I had a credit on my account and she had a face that maybe I would owe something more but wasn’t sure. After meeting with the doc I walked out of the room and all employees were eyes deep in their computers. No acknowledgment or guidance on what to do next. I had to ask “do I just walk myself out now?” and I received a semi blank start with a facial expression like “duh” and so I scheduled my next visit for next month. Again. Maybe it was just this visit that turned this way so I’ll be back next month and will share that experience.

BRITTANY M. | May 26, 2023
Staff was very welcoming and Dr.Cornforth took her time answering all of my questions!

JACKIE P. | May 26, 2023
In office visit with the doctor was great. She listens, is caring, and explains options. Do not really care for the website though to be honest.

CHERYL B. | May 22, 2023

XIOMARA D. | May 17, 2023
For many years I was never looked at as an individual when seeing my doctor, Dr.Cornforth was the first doctor to LISTEN and she has definitely changed my life. She gave me options and made sure I was the one making the decisions for myself and my lifestyle. I am so glad that I decided to see her because I am living a new life and all thanks to Dr.Cornforth!!

JENNY L. | May 15, 2023
Love Dr Cornforth and staff!

JACQUELINE R. | May 12, 2023
Very welcoming and attentive.

SYLVIA R. | May 11, 2023
The staff was friendly and attentive. And as always Dr. Cornforth was informative and just the sweetest person.

REBECCA R. | May 11, 2023
Very good

PAOLA L. | May 11, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is amazing!

ELIANA C. | May 10, 2023
Dr. Cornforth took the time to answer all my questions.

HEATHER O. | May 09, 2023

KATHERINE J. | May 09, 2023
Staff was polite and respectful.

ANABEL M. | May 06, 2023
Everyone was kind, courteous, and prompt.

LUCY M. | May 03, 2023
The wait time to be seen wasn't very long. Dr. Cornforth answered my questions, was kind and thorough (yet quick) with me, and I'm thankful the type of care I received came at no charge. The staff are friendly as well.

DANA H. | May 01, 2023
I feel well taken care of by Dr. Cornforth and her team.

JESSICA C. | May 01, 2023
LOVE dr cornforth!! her office is beautiful, her staff is friendly and she is a great great dr! never in a hurry to get you out, always willing to answer your questions. but not slow if you are looking to get in and get out. very knowledgeable and professional. HIGHLY recommend!

CHRISTINA W. | Apr 29, 2023
She is amazing! She definitely takes the time to listen to my concerns and works hard to ensure my issues improve.

MONIQUE B. | Apr 27, 2023
Dr Cornforth is a great doctor and her staff is very friendly. Dr. Cornforth takes her time and listens to you and provides the best care. Her office is welcoming and a delightful atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr.Cornforth.

HILLARY L. | Apr 25, 2023
I always have a great experience from the when I get checked in to when I leave, everyone is very courteous, helpful and concerned about my needs. Dr. Cornforth is always concerned about how I feel and she is always ready to take care of my medical needs. That's an awesome Dr!!!

ROSA C. | Apr 24, 2023
Amazing! Caring and positive!

MYLENE M. | Apr 24, 2023
Dr Cornfieth is caring,compassionate and very professional.

ELBA C. | Apr 23, 2023
I like my Dr & her staff. Didn’t like driving out to new location at first but im ok w it now.

MARY A M. | Apr 22, 2023
Overall great experience

TERRY L. | Apr 22, 2023
She will explain everything to you without you even asking! Very thoughtful and informative!

KATIE L. | Apr 22, 2023
I ALWAYS have a great experience. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. The office is clean and welcoming.

BRITTANY P. | Apr 22, 2023
Quick and very friendly

MARLIZE T. | Apr 22, 2023

LEANNA L. | Apr 21, 2023
I really loved my experience with Dr. Katherine Cornforth, she was patient, educational & addressed all my questions. Her staff was welcoming & kind to me. Thank you.

ANA M. | Apr 21, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is always so lovely to speak with. She makes me feel comfortable and the best part: she's quick at what she does!

NATASHA W. | Apr 21, 2023
The entire team is always kind and caring. Never a long wait in any of the rooms. So much knowledge and experience and education invested into one practice. I’m definitely a lifelong patient.

ERICA V. | Apr 21, 2023
Great doctor, friendly staff

MONICA T. | Apr 21, 2023
Love seeing Dr. Cornforth. She takes care of me.

MARIBEL W. | Apr 20, 2023
Great service, kind staff, keep up the good work.

DESTINY C. | Apr 20, 2023
Dr.cornforth and her staff are kind and compassionate as well as very helpful. I would go nowhere else but Cornforth gynecology. I have followed her since 2014 and will do so as long as she’s practicing.

SARAH A. | Apr 20, 2023
Dr. Cornforth is very kind and patient. She answers all of my questions and takes my personal medical care very seriously compared to other gynos that I've seen. The rest of the staff is super nice and the facility is always clean and inviting!

MADISON S. | Apr 20, 2023
Great Experience

CRYSTAL C. | Apr 19, 2023
Never a long wait, in and out in less than an hour.

STEPHANIE M. | Apr 18, 2023
Always thorough and informative. Dr. Cornforth really cares about her patients. Her staff is also courteous and professional.

CRISTINA H. | Apr 18, 2023
I never been to a doctor in my whole 23 years of life and coming into situations so intimate and sensitive Dr.Cornforth is so nice, she listens and answers all your questions she makes u feel that 1:1 interaction and very comfortable

DARION C. | Apr 18, 2023
I feel instantly heard and at ease with Dr. Cornforth and her staff.

VANESSA I. | Apr 18, 2023
Everyone is absolutely kind and friendly.

JENNIFER C. | Apr 18, 2023
Staff was friendly and welcoming, Dr Conforth is very approachable, very helpful, friendly doesn't make you feel belittled when asking questions, relates to you and requests black and white results by requesting lab work.

GRECIA L. | Apr 18, 2023
Everyone is always friendly and kind

LETICIA S. | Apr 18, 2023
Loved the Dr and all the staff!!

SHERI C. | Apr 17, 2023
She been my doctor for a very long time and she very caring and staff is wonderful awesome

VELMA R. | Apr 17, 2023
Explains all details of surgery you can understand. Very patient.

PAULA V. | Apr 17, 2023
The staff was friendly and the doctor was informative and helpful!

MELISSA M. | Apr 15, 2023
Love Dr Cornforth! She makes me feel comfortable and not nervous about the exam. I have referred other friends to her.

MARIA C. | Apr 15, 2023
The dr is awesome

GEOVANNIE J. | Apr 14, 2023
Staff is super nice and helpful. Love this office which I could keep my OBGYN as my forever doctor

JULIA R. | Apr 13, 2023
Just didn’t like that my appointment was at 8 and wasn’t seen until after 9

ROXANNE S. | Apr 13, 2023
Everyone is very friendly and in great moods :)

HEATHER F. | Apr 12, 2023

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